Student Transportation Routes and Schedules, Procedure #3525.1


TITLE: Student Transportation Routes and Schedules

  • Bus schedules and routes will be established by the transportation contractor and approved by the District Administration.
  • Buses shall not travel private or non-public roads.  Buses shall travel dead end state, county, or town highways or roads only if an adequate turn around area, approved by the District and transportation contractor, is provided.  Buses shall not be routed in areas considered unsafe for bus travel.
  • Group pick-up points will be utilized where appropriate.  The bus will not pick-up at individual homes in populated areas unless by an IEP Team for students with disabilities or for those living in a hazardous area.
  • Generally, elementary and middle school students may be required to walk up to 0.5 mile and high school students up to 0.75 mile to a bus pick-up location.
  • Generally, students shall not be assigned to pick-up points which would require walking on county highways, state roads or heavily traveled roads
  • Transportation will be provided for regular riders to day care facilities providing the day care facility is located within the student’s school attendance area.
  • Buses shall arrive at school not more than 20 minutes nor less than 5 minutes before the commencement of class time.
  • Every effort shall be made to route buses so that students will ride no more than a total of two hours to and from school.
  • Students with disabilities will ride regular transportation unless determined otherwise by the IEP Team.  All such students will be provided transportation in accordance with State Law.
  • Bus routes and schedules may need to be modified occasionally due to weather, road conditions and road repair/construction.

Date of Board Adoption: June 14, 2011

Previous Adoption/Revisions:
September 9, 1996
January 12, 1993
March 12, 1991
November 13, 1990
January 28, 1986

Cross Reference: 3525, 3525.2, 3525.3

Statutory Reference:

Legal Review:

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